Six of the best

For the next 6 weeks I’m opening my doors to new clients.
I’m offering hourly sessions to you on any marketing or mindset challenge that you may have.

To give you some examples of the types of things I can help you with:
1. Pricing – how to charge what you’re worth. What should you charge?

2. Creative marketing campaign
Put together a detailed plan to deliver the results that you need to grow your client base.

3. Converting enquiries into sales.
You’ve got all those followers on Facebook and likes on Twitter and Instagram, but how do you actually convert them into paying customers?

4. Your magic superpower. (Please note – this is my superpower.)
Perhaps you’re just starting out or trying to be all things to everyone and your message is just not standing out. Let me help you to get clear on what you do well, so that you confidently start to catch those big fish.

5. Building your sales funnel.
Do you have a database of contacts and are you unsure of exactly how to convert them?
Would you like advice on where to start and how to build a pipeline?
I can help you with content and a process that will help you to steadily build a consistent stream of contacts.

6. Marketing audit
Do you already have a system, but you know that it could be working better than it is, but you’re working too close to it to understand what the challenges are?
I’ll give your system a marketing audit and look at the full marketing mix to see where the glitches are.

The topics above are examples, if you’d like to mix and match, please let me know I’m happy to tailor any subject to suit your needs.
How does it work?
We can work remotely or face to face via Skype, phone or Zoom.
How much does it cost?
Remote – via phone = £29 per hour or £39 for 2 hours.
Face to face (Yorkshire area only) – £49 per hour or £67 for 2 hours
You can book as little or as much as you feel you need for now and as long as they are booked before the end of June, the prices quoted above will apply.
How do I book?
Click on the link below where you can reserve as many hours as you wish, then I’ll be in touch to arrange the most suitable time for us both.

Online or face to face options

The Icarus Deception

I’ve been reading a book recently called the Icarus Deception by Seth Godin where he talks about changing the old rules where play it safe, find a job, keep your head and don’t fly too close to the sun. The new truth is, that its better to be safe than sorry and you need to fly higher than ever.
Now it may be because I’m coming up to 50, and it may be because I feel like I’m becoming a bit middle aged but it’s given me just the shove in the right direction that I need.
Like most business owners I seek out new business all the time. But because of the companies I run I should be seen to be practicing what I preach. So I often ask myself – what makes me so special.
I’m an ex art student, a creative sole, and I got stuck in the corporate world. Pleasing clients to try and make a living, but something exciting happened.
Finally I’ve seen the light. I’ve been working really hard on what make me so special, and this week, my creativity is starting to shine through.
Godin tells us that we have to embrace the uncomfortable and dare to be bold, after all the Fosbury Flop was a completely different high jump technique, but now it’s so successful that everyone jumps like that and if it weren’t for people like Dick Fosbury we’d still never quite get there.
We’re human beings with thoughts and emotions, not machines. Our clients like us because we’re different from the rest, not because of our discounts.
You wouldn’t ask a heart surgeon for a discount would you?

Successful traits of an Entrepreneur

I work with business owners every day and I wanted to share with you what I feel are the traits of entrepreneur that make them successful.
The common themes to their success are:

  1. Clarity – they know exactly where they are going and what they need to do to get there and they spend every day moving their business forward to achieve that vision of success.
  2. Credibility – They work hard on their reputation. They treat others the way they’d like to be treated and have a great reputation for doing their particular area of work exceptionally well. They’re respected.
  3. Design – What they produce, whether it be a service or from a product perspective looks and feels beautiful and fits with their brand.
  4. Productivity – they work smarter than most average people, whilst most other people are making a living, they have a task list and they’re busy either doing it for themselves or have employed experts to help them get it done.
  5. Disciples – they are constantly building disciples – people who will help them to get their message out and building a network of connections that have the same values as they do.

Ultimately you can have the best ideas for a business in the world, but if you don’t put them into practice in a professional way, they’re still just ideas.

What makes you special?

Let me tell you that if you’re cheaper than anyone else – you’ll struggle with your business because if you’re competing on price, you’re attracting the wrong sort of clients. But if like Rihanna you shine bright like a diamond, you’ll get a reputation for singing that one style of music…

Creating a kick ass reputation

The litmus test for being an expert in your field is when people are asking for support, your name gets mentioned.

Years ago it was whether your name got mentioned in the pub. Now its whether you get recommended on social media… And if you don’t specialise in a particular area..